Material Specifications - Cotton Duck | Regentex | Jute | Polyprop



Typical Applications

Standard width of Roll (cm)

Weight (g/m2)

CD 475 475gsm (14oz) cotton duck  lorry covers, stall covers 91 475
CD IMP 475 475gsm (14oz) imported cotton duck  lorry covers, H/D protective covering 91 475
CD 509 509gsm (15oz) cotton duck lorry covers, stall covers 91 509
CD IMP 509 509gsm (15oz) imported cotton duck lorry covers, H/D protective covering 91 509
CD FWR fire retardant cotton duck welding screens 91 475
RG 407 407gsm (12oz) regentex lorry covers 91 407
RG 543 543gsm (16oz) regentex lorry covers 91 543
LYN 407 407gsm (12oz) lyntex lorry covers 91 407
PE440/FR 440gsm pvc coated polyester banners, stall covers 153 440
FE550 550gsm pvc coated polyester lorry covers, stall covers, banners 150, 220 550
FE610 610gsm pvc coated polyester lorry covers, stall covers, banners 155 610
SIDE/850 pvc coated polyester sidecurtain fabric side curtains 265 850
JUTE 543 543gsm proofed jute covering of tarmac 91 543
UP JUTE unproofed jute covering of tarmac 91 509
PU NYL 140 140gsm (4oz) pu nylon banners 150 140
PU NYL (7oz) pu nylon banners 150 -
POLYPROP polypropylene skip covers, frost protection 450 -
POLYETH polyethylene stall covers 183 120
POLYWOVE heavy duty woven polyethylene stall covers 200 260
NYLON/L loomstate nylon flexible sleeves 145 -
DENIM denim money aprons, bags 150 -
POL/CL polished clear clear side sheets 65, 130 -
DEB NET polyethylene debris netting skip covers 366 100




All covers are manufactured to customers own specification
from a variety of fabrics including:-
  • Cotton Duck
  • Pvc coated polyester
  • Jute
  • Unproofed jute
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Other types of fabric available on request



Heavy duty pvc sheeting can be linked together to form long lasting
protective covers (as across)
Other protective covers manufactured by PGS include the following:-

  • Trailer covers
  • Welding curtains
  • Quilted blankets
  • Warehouse dividers
  • Market covers
  • Tank covers
  • Shelter covers (as across)

Covers manufactured from pvc are available in a range of
colours including the following:-
Green, blue, yellow, brown, orange, red, black, grey and white



Site visits made to ascertain exact measurements required
Wide range of colours available
All prices include standard rollers and black overcentre buckles
Alternative rollers and overcentre buckles available on request



Close mesh nets can be made to any size and come complete with pvc border,
eyelets and ropes. They are manufactured from a close polyethylene mesh and
have the advantage of being very light.
Other types of nets available include:-

  • Brick nets (2 1/2" square mesh rigged with 8mm polypropylene
    rope and fitted with rope ties)
  • Bulk tipper nets
  • Pvc coated nets
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